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Relating to a person who supervises the actors and other staff in a movie, play, or similar production.

‘his big-screen directorial debut’

‘his directorial style is casual and unhurried’

‘Maybe next time he can apply his keen directorial eye to a more developed story.’

‘His most recent directorial work was on US television’s Band of Brothers (2001).’

‘The director is not a notable one – in fact, this is his only major directorial effort.’

‘The film is nearly flawless from a cinematic and directorial perspective, with gorgeous scenery, sets, and production design.’

‘He remains one of the most influential directorial figures of the kung fu cinema.’

‘His latest directorial venture, Imaginary Invalid, bears testimony to this thinking.’

‘While the plot is incredibly obvious I thought there were some really nice directorial touches.’

‘As with the Farrellys ‘ previous directorial outings, the plot is the least important aspect of the proceedings.’

‘One of his other major directorial traits has been his teriffic use of editing.’

‘It is largely because of his deft directorial abilities and light writing touch that the movie succeeds.’


Relating to a person who is in charge of a department or organization.

‘Matthews served in a variety of directorial positions’

‘directorial duties’

‘The station’s directorial board certainly looks impressive and includes a broadcaster, a restaurateur, and a judge.’

‘Among the top FTSE 100 companies, women occupied just 69 of 1178 directorial appointments.’

‘A typical dotcom company’s rapid growth rate demands a turnover of directorial authority to people better equipped than the visionary founder to help the company grow.’

‘Over the next 50 years, from a series of curatorial and directorial posts, he built up holdings in the area of medieval and Renaissance sculpture.’

‘He had directorial responsibility for three major new Bank of England buildings, including the New Change office block at the top of Cheapside.’

‘He said that, in line with their directorial responsibilities, it was now their legal responsibility not to incur any more expenses on behalf of the company.’

‘Proving his directorial skills, he speaks of it becoming an ideal place to do business with a “unique high quality environment”.’

‘He is a private consultant and also maintains his directorial position with a biopharmaceutical development company.’

‘It’s a pity the Ministry of Art hasn’t forced Artspace to employ new curatorial / directorial staff.’

‘The recent directorial changes in many tech companies recognise this situation.’

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