2019 Golden State Film Festival Highlights

Directed By: Rachel Kleinman
Produced By: Christina Garnett
In this darkly funny short film, “Guin” illuminates universal themes of growing up and accepting responsibility, while pursuing one’s art. Written by and starring, in her acting debut, Brooklyn musician Nicole Mercedes (Flocke, Debbie Downer), based on the main character in a feature film she also wrote. Directorial debut by Nicole’s aunt, Rachel Kleinman, a career Script Supervisor, and filmed with the support and love of the Richmond, VA film community.

Directed By: Joel Ulrick O Neal
Produced By: Zeke Hindle
The life and times of an ambitious millennial in search of his identity outside of an app. Follow along as our intrepid hero, Zander, attempts to navigate his way through the cultural landmines laid out in a kaleidoscope of zaney, self-entitled, hedonistic misfits from DTLA to Santa Monica and Hollywood. Armed only with a bag of fortune cookies and a little divine intervention, he will take his chances. In the vast comedic collage of “Happenstance” you may discover family is the one sure thing you can always count on.

Directed By: John McKey
Produced By: Carey Williams / Tim Roddy / Bradley Clements
Hustle follows a day in the grind of Mr. Smith, an aspiring young investment banker with ambitious goals, and dubious tactics. He keeps himself meticulously prepared for any possible situation through a regimen that includes a rigorous morning workout running sprints… in dress shoes, followed by a meticulous rehearsal of his sales pitch while he dresses for business. The day will see him face challenges from customers, both potential and disgruntled, that will test whether Mr. Smith is fully prepared for the Hustle.

I Am Banksy
Directed By: Samantha Casella
Produced By: The Wild Bunch
A ruthless and social climber journalist is willing to do anything to discover Banksy’s identity. To approach the solution of the enigma, he will meet with a former member of the first “street band” of Banksy, a professor who claims to have had the legendary artist as a pupil, a weird “drinking buddy” who paid the experience with the artist on his skin and a sly gallerist. Unaware of the signs of danger that emerged along the way, he will be stuck in a vortex where truth and lies are confused with each other. The descent into the underworld of the journalist ends at the courts of Anubi.

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