2019 Golden State Film Festival Highlights

The Free Delivery
Directed By: Robert Amico
Produced By: Matthew Russell Johnson
Eric is a disgruntled pizza delivery driver who is leaving the store to deliver a pizza to one on his least favorite regular customers. On his way to the customer’s house he takes a detour and goes to his mother’s house. After receiving a call from an upset customer, Mike, the pizza shop manager calls Eric to find out why the pizza wasn’t delivered. Instead of getting an expected typical excuse from Eric he instead hears an unexpected legitimate excuse as to why the pizza wasn’t delivered.

The Game
Directed By: Guillermo Patrikios Alum
Produced By: Miranda Guzmán
The passage from adolescence to adulthood is one of the biggest conflicts in the life of a teenager. Alex, an insecure and spoiled only child, has to face a major barrier in life: making decisions and facing their consequences. Surprised by the visit of his friends and his girlfriend, they seem confused when they see the wounds and the scar that Alex has on his face. Jessica, Alex’s girlfriend, questions the confidence and integrity of the relationship. Because of the lack of expression and communication from Alex, they decide to play a game, not knowing his terrible news. The game of alcohol and chance begins, the game of decisions, the game of denial and embarrassment.

The Legend of Trickin Tony
Directed By: Carl Phillips
Trickin Tony is the Prime Minister of the Planet Trickton. He is hosting the annual Tricks Ball. The saga begins at the annual convention of Tricks. This is held on the Planet Trickton and is hosted by the Prime Minister of Trickton, Trickin Tony. Various attendees are at the convention. Raptillius Blackasnightus, the Governor of Tricks Are People Too is there. He resides on the Planet Trickton. He wants to be the Prime Minister of Trickton when Trickin Tony terms out. He wants Tricks to trick forever.

The Moon Smells Like Gunpowder
Directed By: Mark Solter
Director’s Comment: “I believe that at some point you have to trust your instincts. That, the intent to act and the subsequent act itself become the same. Though this is inevitably limited to our specific perceptual frame, I wanted to avoid the usual tropes and expectations surrounding the structure of a filmed mystery; consequently, it was important to experiment with a layering of time frames, shuffled timelines, shifting continuity, and metaphor play to get at the heart of Henry’s moral and existential odyssey in The Moon Smells Like Gunpowder. A slower, hidden kind of cinema. A puzzle that, in as much I hope it will be enjoyed, will leave the viewer Wondering.”

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