2019 Golden State Film Festival Highlights

Strange Clowns
Directed By: Michael Paul
Produced By: Anne Paul
Rusty the killer clown discovers he wants more out of life than the momentary pleasure of axe murder, so he turns to online dating. In the security of his private lair, he doesn’t clown around. With just a few clicks, Rusty makes a connection with a jolly jester. However, the green-haired cutie that captured Rusty’s eye may come with more baggage than he’s bargained for.

Directed By: Liesel Kopp
Sunk is a psychological horror short about Mona, a mother whose life has crumbled, and Juanita, the kindhearted yet cloying woman who interviews with Mona for a live-in nanny job. Set in a home in disarray high in the hills above Los Angeles, Sunk reveals a woman who plunges lives into darkness after major loss. First-time filmmaker Liesel Kopp happily crossed an item off her creative bucket list by writing, editing, directing, sound designing, and acting in the film. Liesel, a Los Angeles native, has been involved in the entertainment industry since graduating UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater. She wanted to use fragments of ideas, people, and events she had observed in her career and personal life to create a dark short film. The shoot location – a million dollar home in the Hollywood Hills – is that of a former boss. Liesel cast actress Berna Roberts to play the sweet but intense nanny candidate Juanita. Sunk was an Official Selection at The Zed Fest Film Festival, The Marina del Rey Film Festival, and now at The Golden State Film Festival, and won Best Short Thriller at The Marina del Rey Film Festival. Watch the trailer at vimeo.com/lkopp/sunktrailer.

The Crossing
Directed By: ThomasHaley
“The Crossing” Written, Produced and Directed by Thomas Haley, is a 15 minute edge of your seat kind of short film, it opens with a happy couple (Kevin Caliber Future Man, ugly sweater party) and (LaraJean of Lilith, Space, Payday) on their way to Vegas to get married that ends with a bang, Bang, Bang! As our story continues, we meet Melissa (Brooklyn Haley of Bearry, Camp Twilight, Vengeance) a heart broken young woman heading back to her hometown to return her engagement ring. She is picked up by her Ex-Fiance’s brother Travis (Charles Chudabala of Ugly Sweater Party, Lilith) who clearly has a thing for Melissa, and is “sweet” by giving her a bouquet of flowers. They meet up with “The Bride” (Victoria DeMare of the Killjoy Franchise) literally by accident!! The last set of lovebirds to cross paths with “The Bride” are (Felissa Rose of Sleepaway Camp, Victor Crowley) and (Michael Wainwright of Lilith, Lockdown, Bearry) a waitress and cop engaged to be married, what could go wrong when they discuss their honeymoon while responding to a report of an accident at The Crossing? an H2 Crew Production.

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