2019 Golden State Film Festival Highlights

Highlights from 2019 Golden State Film Festival and closing awards show to be held at TCL Chinese Theater.

Hollywood, CA, March 27, 2019 –(PR.com)– The second edition of the Golden State Film Festival to be held at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood California, between March 22-28, 2019. The TCL Chinese Theatre is the most prestigious theatre in the world.

Indie filmmaking has come of age, and this is reflected in the wide array of subjects explored on screen, as well as the depth and nuances of treatment. The 2019 Golden State Film Festival will be attended by audiences, filmmakers, and industry professionals, making it the most anticipated show this year. The festival is competitive, as can be seen from the very large number of submissions it has received. The awards ceremony and closing event will be held at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Friday, March 29th at 7pm. For more information, please visit the website at www.goldenstatefilmfestival.com. Highlights from the festival include the below films.

100,000 Miles a Second
Directed By: Jeremy Bandow
Produced By: Patricia Fox
100,000 Miles a Second is based on an actual experience the writer had at a local co-op with a homeless street musician who gave her an alternative perspective on living with multiple sclerosis, stressing the power of “thought” regarding life circumstances. This film is relevant to anyone who has ever struggled with anything in their life, letting their minds create their subsequent misery.

A Tale Of A Sassy Little Girl
Directed By Francesca Nobili
On Halloween night, a little girl receives a spooky visit. A short film dedicated to all the little girls, young girls and women out there who face their own monsters every day, to remind them that they have the strength and the courage to fight and win.

Directed By: Markus Otz
Produced By: Luisa Neri
“Alone” is a short story written and directed by Markus Otz and specially developed for the protagonist Marco Capodieci. An immediately started collaboration to turn an idea into a 3 weeks work on the unusual set of a border town in southern Switzerland, looking for a universal scenic cut to represent the precariousness and loneliness of human frailty. Markus Otz as filmmaker, screenwriter and art director, owner of the “emotive visual outlook carpentry” had the wide view over all the aspects of the screenplay and the action rules of the protagonist.

An American Childhood
Directed By: Ryan Alan Petti
Produced By: Tania Faruque
An American Childhood is an intense, heartwarming story that speaks to all people living in America. Storyteller Ryan Alan Petti crafted his film to highlight the fact that all of us are all the same people, living on the same planet, living the same life.

Banker by the Lake
Directed By: Shukai Wang
Produced By: Tianpu Zhang
Produced By: Hanyu Fang
Based on Director’s own experience. Vincent, a Chinese immigrant to the U.S., works as a banker at a famous investment bank in NYC. His true passion, however, lies somewhere else, and the Lake, an avatar of this passion, emerges invariably in his dreams. On a typical Sunday night after working on a deal, he is alone at home, but everything starts to change. His memory, his real life, and his surreal dream all get woven together, producing an epiphany that reveals the path that has led to his present life and informs the road for the future.

Blind Truth
Directed By: Laura Burnett
Laura Burnett’s directorial debut, “Blind Truth” in association with A Lunar Butter Productions, played at the Golden State Film Festival on March 25th at 4pm at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA. Laura Burnett and Monti Washington are the leading actors in the film. Inspired by a true story, “Blind Truth” is a dramatic crime thriller that tells a timeless story about the power of truth, justice and the consequences of our actions. The film stars actors Laura Burnett, Monti Washington, and Doug Bilitch. Laura Burnett wrote, directed and produced the film in association with her company A Lunar Butter Productions. She has directed and produced music videos for indie artists and produces for television and film.

Directed By: Colin Costello
Produced By: Eric Handler
Dreamwisher is a short film (drama/fantasy) about a young girl mourning the death of her father. She becomes hopeful as she discovers a possible way to bring him back. The film stars young actress Jolie Handler, who has been very busy the past two years working on print campaigns for some of the largest brands such as Forever 21, Gymboree, Lululemon, etc. as well as National Commercials for Honda, Wells Fargo, etc. Co-starring is her sister and young actress, Jemma Handler. Colin Costello, the writer/director, has had a great run with Dreamwisher. So far it has been accepted into 22 Film Festivals Worldwide and his previous short, The After Party (2018) has been in 17 Film Festivals. Dreamwisher has won numerous awards thus far for acting, directing and the original soundtrack by Asaf Sagiv. Dreamwisher is a Positively Positive Production and was produced by real estate financier Eric Handler, previously a motion picture talent agent at William Morris and a Creative Executive at Dreamworks.

Directed By: Angela Matemotja
Produced By: Dele Ogundiran
Award-winning filmmaker and actress Angela Matemotja just returned from Elevate’s African Premiere in South Africa, where on March 8th Elevate screened on International Women’s Day to an awe struck audience. Two months prior Matemotja earned the “Best Director” award at the Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival, a new LGBTQ focused film festival in North London, U.K. Elevate heads back to Hollywood as an “Official Selection” at Golden State International Film Festival which takes place at TCL Chinese Theatre. “I’m especially excited the film is screening at the TCL Theatre as many years ago I lived just down the street and could have never imagined that something I created would one day screen there. This is a dream come true.” Earlier this year Matemotja earned the “Female Pioneer Award” when Elevate premiered at the DTLA Film Festival in Los Angeles. Prior to this, the film earned an Award of Merit for Best Feature Film and Best Actress in a Leading Role (Angela Matemotja) from the Accolade Global Film Competition.

Directed By: Dion Johnson
Directed By: Mark Pirrie
Produced By: Denise Dowdell-Stent
Eternal is the first book of a planned trilogy, charting descendants of the legendary King Arthur, Vala Pendragon’s burgeoning magical abilities, her and fae boyfriend Elvar’s ascension into adulthood, and their evolving relationships with characters – new and established. Eternal delves deep into Arthurian legend, interweaving it’s magical strands with present time.

Directed By: David Todman
While looking after the neighbor’s cat, Derek loses an engagement ring hours before he means to propose. It’s not long before he suspects the cat has consumed the jewellery. But, today being their anniversary, he has no choice but to proceed with his plan.

Directed By: Denise Dowdell-Stent
Directed By: Dion Johnson
Love is the most powerful magic – but is love alone, enough? Can babes-in-arms safeguard our future? Or will Stygian darkness rain upon us, plunging the world into a void of eternal night? In the blink of an eye, your world can change irrevocably. Sometimes the purest form of love can be shrouded in malice. When everything we hold dear hangs in the balance, how much would you be willing to sacrifice to save the one you love? A simple touch can alter the course of history for the greater good – or destroy it with a chalice of poisonous malevolence?

Directed By: Rachel Kleinman
Produced By: Christina Garnett
In this darkly funny short film, “Guin” illuminates universal themes of growing up and accepting responsibility, while pursuing one’s art. Written by and starring, in her acting debut, Brooklyn musician Nicole Mercedes (Flocke, Debbie Downer), based on the main character in a feature film she also wrote. Directorial debut by Nicole’s aunt, Rachel Kleinman, a career Script Supervisor, and filmed with the support and love of the Richmond, VA film community.

Directed By: Joel Ulrick O Neal
Produced By: Zeke Hindle
The life and times of an ambitious millennial in search of his identity outside of an app. Follow along as our intrepid hero, Zander, attempts to navigate his way through the cultural landmines laid out in a kaleidoscope of zaney, self-entitled, hedonistic misfits from DTLA to Santa Monica and Hollywood. Armed only with a bag of fortune cookies and a little divine intervention, he will take his chances. In the vast comedic collage of “Happenstance” you may discover family is the one sure thing you can always count on.

Directed By: John McKey
Produced By: Carey Williams / Tim Roddy / Bradley Clements
Hustle follows a day in the grind of Mr. Smith, an aspiring young investment banker with ambitious goals, and dubious tactics. He keeps himself meticulously prepared for any possible situation through a regimen that includes a rigorous morning workout running sprints… in dress shoes, followed by a meticulous rehearsal of his sales pitch while he dresses for business. The day will see him face challenges from customers, both potential and disgruntled, that will test whether Mr. Smith is fully prepared for the Hustle.

I Am Banksy
Directed By: Samantha Casella
Produced By: The Wild Bunch
A ruthless and social climber journalist is willing to do anything to discover Banksy’s identity. To approach the solution of the enigma, he will meet with a former member of the first “street band” of Banksy, a professor who claims to have had the legendary artist as a pupil, a weird “drinking buddy” who paid the experience with the artist on his skin and a sly gallerist. Unaware of the signs of danger that emerged along the way, he will be stuck in a vortex where truth and lies are confused with each other. The descent into the underworld of the journalist ends at the courts of Anubi.

It’s Contagious LA!
Directed By: Sonia Machado Hines
Produced By: Terence Bernie Hines
Produced By: Sonia Machado Hines
A short film by Cuban Latina director Sonia Machado highlighting the inspiration of Los Angeles through the art of dance. Sonia Machado is a director, producer and entertainment executive who focuses on not just her own work, but also on helping visionaries realize their own potential success. Her production company Black ++ Productions was inspired as a result of her success with producers, writers and other Hollywood executives over the years. She recently wrote, directed and produced her first international dramatic short film (Karabouj). Filmed in the USA as well as various locations in Lebanon, “Karabouj” has completed principal photography and is currently in post-production.

Just Keep It 100
Directed By: Bryan Bostic
Gus and Angela meet up after finding each other through online dating. They discover that some lies were told on both sides. The only thing left for them to do is keep it 100 with each other. While discussing their lives and aspiration at dinner, a question about the validity of those lives comes into the conversation. Gus and Angela are both forced to tell the truth to each other. They discover that they both are living secret lives. Director’s Statement: “I wrote the screenplay, Just Keep It 100, founded on my experience with online dating. I went out on several dates and saw that most people on every dating site lied about some aspect of their lives. It always made me laugh because I knew there were things on my profile I lied about as well. The main characters in this film took lying on their profile to the extreme. This story has a surprise ending that will keep you laughing. My experience with online dating never rose to the level of deception as in this film. One date that I remember the most, the young lady kept saying ‘Just keep it 100 with me.'”

Keys to Life
Directed By: Kent Loomer
Produced By: Jim Pidgeon
Produced By: Avielle Heath
“Keys to Life” centers around a loving father and his adult daughter on their monthly lunch date. The typical routine is broken when Kathy’s father arrives late to pick her up in the 1967 Firebird she helped him restore as a child and as the day unfolds it becomes apparent that this is the first of many surprises. A story of love and relationships in the face of life’s challenges, “Keys to Life” is the directorial and writing debut of Kent Loomer.

Directed By: Cameron Watson
Produced By: John Kosh/ Susan Shearer / Alex Ryan / Steve Cubine / Cameron Watson
The idea for Landings came from an experience Executive Producer, Kosh, had many years ago when he was driving cross country and got lost in the Mojave Desert. Kosh, who is a six-time Grammy Award winner for designing iconic album covers for Linda Ronstadt (as well as classic album covers such as The Beatles’ Abbey Road, The Eagles’ Hotel California, and as well as designing the spaceship that became the logo for the Electric Light Orchestra), stumbled into a little town that was nothing more than a café, an airstrip, a big rock, and a strange odd-shaped, wooden structure called the “Integretron,” which was purportedly built by a man who claimed to be a time traveler. The oddness of this structure, combined with the natural loneliness and mystique of the desert fed into Kosh’s furtive imagination. He was struck by the sense of hope that this strange structure in the middle of the desert seemed to bring to the town. He knew he wanted to make a film about it. He hired director Cameron Watson and writer Steve Cubine. They, along with Kosh’s partner Susan Shearer (who also stars) and their long time collaborator, Alexandra Ryan, have produced this haunting, funny tale where the blurred lines of time passage, the importance of hanging on to your beliefs, and the ache of lost or forgotten love are beautifully realized.

The Wetback
Directed By: A.P. Gonzalez
Produced By: Jeff Vibes
“The Wetback” is based on a storyline that runs through Ron Arias’ well-known novel, The Road to Tamazunchale. What happens – on an otherwise normal day – in a working-class Latino neighborhood when an immigrant’s body turns up near the river? The film uses elements of magical realism, which treats the emotional reality of characters as real. Fantastical elements are not just possible but authentic – so much so that we begin to question the very nature of objective reality. “The Wetback” is not about misery and poverty and other stereotypical notions of American Latinos. Instead, it is about community, longing, compassion, and the mysticism in Latino culture. The dead immigrant in the story represents the broken dreams – and severed relationships – of so many people on both sides of the Mexico / U.S. border.

Love You to Death
Directed By: Camilla Roman
Produced By: Vibeke Karlsen
Love You to Death is a drama about a woman who has to make a crucial decision, to break free from old habits and destructive love. She needs to fight her inner demons in order to put a stop to a never ending love affair. Sometimes, something has to break to become whole. This is Norwegian director and screenwriter Camilla Roman’s debut film. She’s educated from the New York Film Academy in LA.
Madame Esmeralda and the Audition

Directed By: Todd J. Phelps
Produced By: Victoria Murad
Miki Yamashita makes her screen acting debut as the lead in Madame Esmeralda and The Audition. She portrays Niki Han, a talented singer consumed by stage fright, who enters a fairytale realm of artists in Madame Esmeralda’s magic garden. Niki learns “failure is impossible” and finds the courage to face her fears. Madame Esmeralda and the Audition is a jewel of a film, due to the creative vision of Todd J. Phelps, director, a talented ensemble cast and Miki Yamashita, who sparkles in the lead role. Written and produced by Victoria Murad.

Manny Fantasma
Directed By: Michael Carnick
Produced By: Zoe Pelloux
Talk therapy gets a supernatural spin in new half hour television pilot Manny Fantasma. Created by Michael Carnick, the darkly comedic series follows the titular doctor Fantasma (Mig Feliciano) as he treats a variety of paranormal patients, including a bickering ghostly married couple and a lustful vampire with a sex addiction. This is Carnick’s directorial debut. He got his film break in 2005 when his screenplay Who’s Driving Doug won the grand prize of the 25th Anniversary of the Samuel Goldwyn Writing Awards. The winning script was produced into a feature length film starring RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad) and was licensed worldwide to major streaming platforms in 2016. Carnick is represented by Preferred Artists.

Directed By: Richard Henkels
Directed By: Judy Jean Kwon / Richard Henkels / Judy Jean Kwon / Anton Laines
Comedy about crazy MoMs in gentrifying Venice beach… Pepper is an obtuse punk with a mouth that gets her in a lot of trouble. Her life is in the dumps and she has no friends – maybe because she has always felt like an outsider or maybe because she doesn’t like people – especially kids and chicks. Who needs friends? BFF’s? especially GIRLfriends? Pepper has bigger problems to deal with in her life than worrying about other people… and the drama that comes with chicks! Pepper wants to find a home, to buy a house for her Grandma who is in the care of Catholic nuns. However, with the sky- rocketing prices of homes in Venice Beach and the fact that Pepper can’t keep a job complicates things. When Pepper gets fired again for running her mouth at a group of privileged moms, Pepper’s kooky landlady, Giselle, forces her to take a job as a clown at kid’s parties. But that is nothing compared to what life has in store for her… when Peppers life gets really complicated with a baby of her own?

Directed By: Alireza Pirband
Produced By: Mahdi Moussavy Shahri
A young single mother who works as a peddler in the streets with her 5 year old daughter, tries to change her daughter’s future and apply for different auditions. But the peddler boss cause her problems.

My Name Is John Franke
Directed By: Nicholas Frangakis
Filmmaker Nick Frangakis interviews his bi-polar brother who struggles with his demons by creating art. Nicholas Frangakis has been a filmmaker for 40 years. His films were made for the educational film market. His film “After The First” won the Blue Ribbon Award from the Educational Film Library Association; and “Eucharist” won Grand Prize at the Catholic International Broadcasters Film Festival in Monte Carlo. He is currently involved in producing his screenplay “Auguste and Jean” about Jean Renoir’s life and career.

On The Edge of Reality
Directed By: Frank J. Dion
Produced By: Fiona Lincke / Frank J. Dion / Gavin X. Clement
“On the Edge of Reality” is a story of a physical therapist who overcomes addiction (self-medicating himself with a vapid supply of unused pills left by his senior homebound, attention-starved patients). This divorced, relatively “good-guy” can’t seem to see past his nose a lot of the time, and actually starts to see the ghost of his ex-wife popping in and out of his bathroom mirror. Clueless, freaked out and thinking he’s the next to die, he helplessly watches as his patients drop off one at a time on a daily basis. He starts to find the strange light he has always been lacking and a new gusto for life, with the help of his funny old dad; who knows more than his son thought he did.

Directed By: Petra Deeter
Produced By: David Deeter
Reborn is a short film to bring awareness to the desperate and silent cry of victims of domestic violence. It was directed by a female Director, Petra Deeter, who is, herself, a survivor of domestic violence. The film represents a romanticized fictional but unrealistic dream of many victims of domestic violence who are trapped and wish to be reborn into new lives, ones that are unbroken, un-silent and free. In America, more than 7.6 million women are victims of physical domestic violence every year. Executive producer, Adolfo Jimenez, comments, “Domestic violence is, unfortunately, a serious and timeless issue. Reborn is a narrative film that brings much-needed awareness and is a subject teaser to the feature-length documentary that we are working on.”

Directed By: Chuck Marra
Directed By: Megan Foley Marra
Produced By: Susan Damante
Repercussions was written under the tutelage of Chuck Marra and Megan Foley Marra at the Foley Marra Project. Susan had already written two short plays with The Project. Her first foray into writing was her award winning autobiographical solo show: “Life… Death… and Entertainment,” and this task was to challenge Susan to write something separate from her own life stories. She is now working on the first draft of Repercussions a feature film. Written, produced, and performed by the award-winning Susan Damante, Repercussions is a story of what could happen when the mistress and the wife meet together after a two-year affair by “HIM” is revealed. It’s a story of betrayal, family, fear, and revenge.

Skin: The Movie
Directed By: Ronn Kilby
Produced By: Marti Kilby
Skin is the story of Blanche, a forty-something product of Minnesota. A would be writer, she has settled for the quiet, predictable life of a publisher’s researcher in Minneapolis. But that’s all about to change. Skin’s driving force is Blanche’s long lost father, Spike – a born entrepreneur who made a small fortune in the LA/San Diego porn industry. While Spike is dead, that doesn’t keep him from guiding Blanche on a strange journey, one chapter at a time from the DVD he left behind. Skin is fueled by the colorful cast and crew of Spike Films Studios in San Diego, a place where orgasmic voice-over sessions are commonplace, where half-naked dwarfs want to know their motivation, and where blonde bimbo Amber is actually a Fulbright scholar, while her co-star Lance thinks a stallion is some kind of spring onion. Skin’s dark side is embodied in Blanche’s worthy opponent, Melissa, who feels the business should really be hers — and plans to acquire it for pennies on the dollar. Skin is really about a woman forced to move far outside her comfort zone, find an inner strength she forgot she had, realize that being a “misfit” is actually a good thing – and learn that some people should just keep their clothes on.

Directed By: Charles Ancelle
Produced By: Anna Skrypka
Sophie is a science fiction short that explores the way technology has an impact on modern romance on multiple layers. It follows the short lived lifespan of a futuristic, human like Android primarily developed to satisfy human emotional and physical needs. This type of Android, however, cannot talk or do anything, they are like frozen, enslaved by the physical restrictions they are designed with. Their only two forms of expression are through blinking and smiling. But these forms of expression are easily overlooked if one doesn’t pay attention. The fact that these Androids are able to express anything at all begs the question of whether or not they are sentient beings, even if that sentience is very limited, and if they are, what kind of rights should they have, and how much empathy should we feel for them. Beyond that however, their existence also brings up questions about the nature of human relationships, of emotional bond and desire, and whether those can ever be satisfying if they are entirely one-sided. Contemporary dating apps certainly seem to encourage disposable romance, and the trend is not changing its course, and if that’s the case, what are we to make of a future where lovers can literally be manufactured and thrown away on a whim?

Spin the Plate
Directed By: Eric R. Eastman
Produced By: Tom Anastasi
Spin the Plate is a romantic drama feature film based on the award-winning novel about a female tattoo artist (played by Becki Dennis), with a damaged soul and tough exterior, who encounters an awkward, seemingly poor, Bible-touting young man (played by Dan Merriman), on a Boston city bus. He tries to win her heart, as she battles to heal the wounds of child sexual abuse. Together they seek justice and meaning in their lives, while a romance blossoms between them, but he’s hiding something from her. This film directed by Eric Eastman has been winning awards on the festival circuit and is due out on Amazon later this year.

Strange Clowns
Directed By: Michael Paul
Produced By: Anne Paul
Rusty the killer clown discovers he wants more out of life than the momentary pleasure of axe murder, so he turns to online dating. In the security of his private lair, he doesn’t clown around. With just a few clicks, Rusty makes a connection with a jolly jester. However, the green-haired cutie that captured Rusty’s eye may come with more baggage than he’s bargained for.

Directed By: Liesel Kopp
Sunk is a psychological horror short about Mona, a mother whose life has crumbled, and Juanita, the kindhearted yet cloying woman who interviews with Mona for a live-in nanny job. Set in a home in disarray high in the hills above Los Angeles, Sunk reveals a woman who plunges lives into darkness after major loss. First-time filmmaker Liesel Kopp happily crossed an item off her creative bucket list by writing, editing, directing, sound designing, and acting in the film. Liesel, a Los Angeles native, has been involved in the entertainment industry since graduating UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater. She wanted to use fragments of ideas, people, and events she had observed in her career and personal life to create a dark short film. The shoot location – a million dollar home in the Hollywood Hills – is that of a former boss. Liesel cast actress Berna Roberts to play the sweet but intense nanny candidate Juanita. Sunk was an Official Selection at The Zed Fest Film Festival, The Marina del Rey Film Festival, and now at The Golden State Film Festival, and won Best Short Thriller at The Marina del Rey Film Festival. Watch the trailer at vimeo.com/lkopp/sunktrailer.

The Crossing
Directed By: ThomasHaley
“The Crossing” Written, Produced and Directed by Thomas Haley, is a 15 minute edge of your seat kind of short film, it opens with a happy couple (Kevin Caliber Future Man, ugly sweater party) and (LaraJean of Lilith, Space, Payday) on their way to Vegas to get married that ends with a bang, Bang, Bang! As our story continues, we meet Melissa (Brooklyn Haley of Bearry, Camp Twilight, Vengeance) a heart broken young woman heading back to her hometown to return her engagement ring. She is picked up by her Ex-Fiance’s brother Travis (Charles Chudabala of Ugly Sweater Party, Lilith) who clearly has a thing for Melissa, and is “sweet” by giving her a bouquet of flowers. They meet up with “The Bride” (Victoria DeMare of the Killjoy Franchise) literally by accident!! The last set of lovebirds to cross paths with “The Bride” are (Felissa Rose of Sleepaway Camp, Victor Crowley) and (Michael Wainwright of Lilith, Lockdown, Bearry) a waitress and cop engaged to be married, what could go wrong when they discuss their honeymoon while responding to a report of an accident at The Crossing? an H2 Crew Production.

The Free Delivery
Directed By: Robert Amico
Produced By: Matthew Russell Johnson
Eric is a disgruntled pizza delivery driver who is leaving the store to deliver a pizza to one on his least favorite regular customers. On his way to the customer’s house he takes a detour and goes to his mother’s house. After receiving a call from an upset customer, Mike, the pizza shop manager calls Eric to find out why the pizza wasn’t delivered. Instead of getting an expected typical excuse from Eric he instead hears an unexpected legitimate excuse as to why the pizza wasn’t delivered.

The Game
Directed By: Guillermo Patrikios Alum
Produced By: Miranda Guzmán
The passage from adolescence to adulthood is one of the biggest conflicts in the life of a teenager. Alex, an insecure and spoiled only child, has to face a major barrier in life: making decisions and facing their consequences. Surprised by the visit of his friends and his girlfriend, they seem confused when they see the wounds and the scar that Alex has on his face. Jessica, Alex’s girlfriend, questions the confidence and integrity of the relationship. Because of the lack of expression and communication from Alex, they decide to play a game, not knowing his terrible news. The game of alcohol and chance begins, the game of decisions, the game of denial and embarrassment.

The Legend of Trickin Tony
Directed By: Carl Phillips
Trickin Tony is the Prime Minister of the Planet Trickton. He is hosting the annual Tricks Ball. The saga begins at the annual convention of Tricks. This is held on the Planet Trickton and is hosted by the Prime Minister of Trickton, Trickin Tony. Various attendees are at the convention. Raptillius Blackasnightus, the Governor of Tricks Are People Too is there. He resides on the Planet Trickton. He wants to be the Prime Minister of Trickton when Trickin Tony terms out. He wants Tricks to trick forever.

The Moon Smells Like Gunpowder
Directed By: Mark Solter
Director’s Comment: “I believe that at some point you have to trust your instincts. That, the intent to act and the subsequent act itself become the same. Though this is inevitably limited to our specific perceptual frame, I wanted to avoid the usual tropes and expectations surrounding the structure of a filmed mystery; consequently, it was important to experiment with a layering of time frames, shuffled timelines, shifting continuity, and metaphor play to get at the heart of Henry’s moral and existential odyssey in The Moon Smells Like Gunpowder. A slower, hidden kind of cinema. A puzzle that, in as much I hope it will be enjoyed, will leave the viewer Wondering.”

The Uppermost
Directed By: Aaron Little
Produced By: Blake Armstrong
Produced By: Rico Dakhil
“The Uppermost” was the result of childhood friends and first-time filmmakers David Law and Aaron Little gathering the most talented people they knew to produce a short horror film for the festival season. Shot in the course of a single day at the San Encino Abbey under the helm of producer Blake Armstrong, “The Uppermost” stars Cherubim Abueme as Sister Abigail, an inquisitive nun who comes to the abbey and meets a mysterious father, played by TV host Pat Pattison, who warns of the abbey’s dark past and takes her on the adventure of a lifetime. Winner of “Best Film'”(Budget Under $50,000), at the Phenomenal Film Festival in Manila and an official selection of numerous film festivals around the world, “The Uppermost” is an intense thrill ride that has achieved viral status and is a landmark premiere film for 3rd Call Productions, southern California’s newest independent film studio. Find out more about the film and future projects at www.3rdCallProductions.com.

The Witching Hour
Directed By: Steven La Morte
Produced By: Rian Bishop / Thom MIchael Mulligan / Lizet Benrey
Lizet Benrey and Thom Michael Mulligan met in an acting class at Halo Cinematic where they found out they both had a life story to tell. Realizing the great chemistry on camera between them, Thom and Lizet decided to write both his and her experiences which blended fluidly into one human and deeply moving story. The Witching Hour emerged from a scene Thom witnessed between his parents as a child. This scene was deeply engraved in Thom’s memory throughout his life. From that one episode, the whole story of The Witching Hour was developed by integrating Lizet’s own personal experiences into that world, which turned out to be both alienating and extremely unfulfilling. A love story in its core, The Witching Hour is told through dialogue, unspoken words, and it develops in only one location. It explores the trials and tribulations of a rocky marriage that is about to fall apart, as well as the deep love the protagonists feel for their baby girl Marie, who was born with a disability. The short film walks the line between love and hate, truth and distrust, and the profound desire to save what once was a pure and ideal love.

This Is Fine
Directed By: Roth Rind
Produced By: Jay K. Raja
“After Earth is pronounced doomed by meteor impact, three ex-best friends, Ali, Henry, and Jay, end up together for the end of times. On their way to the beach to watch the world burn, their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. With nothing left to lose, dark secrets are revealed and all bets are off. The chaos of crumbling relationships with the impending doom of the meteor force the three of them to analyze why they are dying together. This Is Fine stars Alix Cuadra, Henry Lee, and Jay K. Raja. The short film is merely the intro to the feature film, also titled ‘This Is Fine’ currently in development.”

Underneath the Same Moon
Directed By: Bob Wasson
Produced By: Wendi Wasson
True love is put to the test when Tom & Kelly Miller are faced with a series of unfortunate events. Kelly is happily married but insecure that Tom may not have married her if she wasn’t pregnant at the time. Tom is involved in a serious accident leaving him in a coma for 11 months. When he wakes he has lost the last 5 years of his memory, including his marriage to Kelly. When doctor Butler suggests throwing him directly into a life he doesn’t know or understand, could be detrimental, Kelly decides to play along. Tom is hellbent on pursuing his last memory his ex-girlfriend Jessica. He decides to take a roadtrip from San Diego to San Francisco to meet with her. Kelly convinces Tom’s sister Holly to ask Tom if she can ride along on a business trip and keep him company. A perfect opportunity for Kelly to make Tom fall in love all over again. Nothing bonds like a road trip. Especially when everything goes wrong.

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